About Us

Discover The Commercial Property Investment Reinvented

Beach Avenue Financial, and HOTTEL, are the brain-child of founder, serial entrepreneur, hotelier and technology expert, Rich Tuckwell-Skuda.

Rich decided in mid 2020, as the Covid19 Pandemic shut the world down and Cryptocurrency started another insane and un-forecastable rollercoaster ride, that it was time somebody addressed the two biggest problems presenting themselves within both the Hospitality and the Cryptocurrency marketplaces… Stable deployable capital and asset redeployment.

Two situations have now presented within the marketplaces:

  • What do we do with all the hotels that will never be hotels again, because COVID19 has caused the world of travel to change forever?
  • How do we create stable investable opportunities within the Crypto markets and open up investment in commercial real estate to the masses engaged in purchasing Crypto?

The world’s first fully tokenized asset backed investment structure

All the growth of Crypto investing, but with the stability and grounding of commercial real estate.

‘HOTTEL’ Cryptoken

What makes HOTTEL a stable investment?

Purchasing a ‘HOTTEL’ Cryptoken gives you a direct investment in the Beach Avenue asset and property Portfolio.  Each token is backed by, and tied to, the assets and properties purchased with the proceeds of the sale of each token.  This means that your token increases in value in line with the portfolios number of properties, each individual properties valuation, each properties growth and value of income and revenue.  All profits from the assets and properties purchased by the fund are reinvested in to new assets and properties to add to the portfolio, thus further increasing the portfolio’s value and in turn the value of each HOTTEL token.

Our Vision

Create stunning new spaces from existing places

Our Mission

Create stability through profitability

Creating a new era of ‘stable’ real estate-backed Crypto Currency with transparent and trackable assets and valuations

Why trust in HOTTEL?

Because all asset purchasing, renovation and maintenance is completely funded by the sale of HOTTEL and our portfolio’s profits, we have no outside debt. This means:

Much higher operating profits with no debts to service

We are able to move quicker on opportunities, as we don’t have to wait to organize 3rd party funding for purchases or renovations, and we only buy when we have the disposable funds to do so, so no ‘debt risk / foreclosure’ if a property doesn’t perform profitably in the short term.

Higher profits / no debt servicing enables BAF to invest in purchasing a greater number of properties, potentially growing much quicker than a traditional fund would expand its investment portfolio. 

Bring A New Experience To Your Investment

Why purchase distressed hotel and commercial real estate assets across the USA?

The properties BAF are targeting for acquisition are those whose revenues have been damaged by the COVID19 Pandemic. This ensures that any property we buy has an intrinsic uplift in valuation already built in, as we are often able to purchase properties at -30% of their 2019 valuations.  Many of these properties were poorly operated prior to the pandemic, and honestly, COVID was merely the final nail in the coffin of profitability. During the deal analysis stage of any potential purchase, our team are able to forecast whether by utilizing our outstanding hotel management partner whether we can turn a struggling hotel to profitability. If we can, then we purchase.

Hotel Acquisition

+65 Independent Livings

Multi Family Spaces

Student Acommodations

Beach Avenue’s team are able to use the combined 80yr+ working knowledge of investment, hospitality, property development, accommodation and real estate to either reposition these hotels into more effective and once again profitable hotels or reposition them to address many other shortages of accommodations today:

Independent Living spaces and Student accommodations are in short supply across key markets in the USA and Canada.  By using our tried and tested formula we are able to breathe new life into struggling assets and reposition them into not only profitable businesses and assets, but assets that solve a problem or shortage of supply in key markets.

We believe that company culture creates success! We love the hospitality and real estate industries, we are passionate about emotive design, engaging environments and living spaces, whatever or whoever they may be for, and we believe in ensuring our investors, our team, and ultimately our guests (whether for a night, a month, a year or for many years) have the most wonderful environment to eat, work, rest and play with and in. 

Beach Avenue wants to create new life, we don’t just believe that, we live it! We envisage and create a new life for every project we invest in, each are unique and complex but all are rewarding and ultimately profitable.