The world’s first fully tokenized asset backed investment structure, all the growth of Crypto investing, but with the stability and grounding of commercial real estate.


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Beach Avenue Financial, and HOTTEL, are the brain-child of founder, serial entrepreneur, hotelier and technology expert, Rich Tuckwell-Skuda.

Rich decided that it was time somebody addressed the two biggest problems presenting themselves within both the Hospitality and the Cryptocurrency marketplaces… Stable deployable capital and asset redeployment.


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The world’s first fully tokenized asset backed portfolio investment structure.  All the growth of Crypto investing, but with the stability of commercial real estate investment.

Hotel Acquisition

If you have a property you would like to submit for evaluation, please contact us on the ‘contact us’ page. A Beach Financial Avenue team member will contact you immediately.

Living Spaces

With a population ‘aging out’ and seeking Independent Living spaces at more than triple the rate of construction, we have created the best of both worlds. Know more.

Student Spaces

2020 changed everything, remote learning has changed the way our student population engages and interacts with each other. No more so than in their living arrangements.

Although we are not an SEC regulated or controlled investment company

We have chosen to operate, self-regulate and appoint an independent household name financial administrator and auditor. This is to ensure our investors feel safe and protected at all times. We are the world’s first, and only, fully tokenized, fully tradable real estate portfolio investment ‘Cryptoken’ ‘HOTTEL’. Beach Avenue offers investors the ability to invest a few dollars, all the way up to a millions dollars, in our tokenized real estate fund. Every token:

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Higher profits and no debt servicing enables BAF to invest in purchasing a greater number of properties, potentially growing much quicker than a traditional fund would expand its investment portfolio.