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Security and Compliance: Your Peace of Mind with HOTTEL

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Security and compliance are paramount when it comes to crypto investments. 

Investors can rest assured that all HOTTEL coins are held securely in METAMASK wallets, one of the safest wallet systems in the industry. Each coin undergoes a rigorous registration and verification process, and they are logged on the international token/coin database, ready for transfer.

Why HOTTEL will be successful?

•  Proof of concept, scale, and consistency with ground-up deals and data analysis, including past performance and enhanced forward-facing improvement strategy

• A Team of Experts: Our team comprises globally recognized and multi-awarded experts in hotel operations, direct revenue, revenue management, and reputation management. These experts have experience working with both branded and independent hotels.

• Strategic Partnerships: Beach Avenue Financial has established strategic partnerships with specialist management companies to operate all purchased hotel assets. These partners consistently achieve industry-leading results, with significant uplifts in GOP, direct revenue, and EBITDA, ensuring exceptional returns on investments, whether operating as hotels, independent living facilities, residential properties, or student accommodations.

• Strong Fund Administration: We are currently in negotiations with Northern Trust, an industry heavyweight, to serve as our fund administrator. This partnership will further strengthen our operational capabilities.

• Versatility in Brand Acquisition: HOTTEL is accredited and approved by major players in the hospitality industry, including Marriott, Hilton, Choice, Hyatt, Accor, Best Western, IHG, and boutique hotel specialists. This versatility allows us to acquire almost any brand, expanding our potential.

• Decades of Expertise: Our C-suite leadership brings a wealth of experience, with over 120 years of combined expertise across various disciplines, including investment funds, finance, hotel management, operations, sales, marketing, and third-party asset management.

HOTTEL’s success is built on a solid foundation of expertise, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry. We are ready to embark on a journey towards a prosperous future.”

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