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Transforming Commercial Real Estate with HOTTEL

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HOTTEL is not just limited to the crypto market; it is a versatile digital asset designed to revolutionize commercial real estate. This post explores how HOTTEL is used to digitize and productize a wide range of commercial real estate assets.

Beach Avenue Financial Manager (BAFM) plays a vital role in the successful operation of HOTTEL. As the fund manager, BAFM oversees acquisitions, investments, reinvestments, and daily operations, ensuring a smooth journey for investors.

Beach Avenue Financial has created HOTTEL to bridge 3 core issues within 3 separate but connected industries. 

1. The Crypto market has shown itself to be volatile, unforgiving, and easily manipulatable by both ‘celebrity’ backers/investors and mass-market engagement. Its excessive highs, lows and non-tangible asset values have created a new ‘world’ problem. 

2. Although the hotel industry has started to recover significantly post-Covid devastation in the sector. COVID has highlighted some profound things within the industry that account for the pre-covid poor performance of many hotels. 

a. There are too many hotels in core markets.

b. Too many hotels have been built in the wrong places for the wrong markets. 

c. Many of those hotels are too big for the size of the market they serve

3. The Luxury Senior Living Market (unassisted living) is woefully underserviced and underdeveloped currently, with a shortfall of MILLIONS of beds in 2022/2023 and tens of millions of beds by 2028.

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