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Commercial Property Investment Like No Other

Why invest in a rollercoaster-ride investment, such as the Cryptocurrency markets?  Years of waiting for rocket-launch high gains, potentially becoming a millionaire for a few days, only to come crashing down to earth again, losing those gains, and potentially your original stake, after a week or two, to then begin the whole stressful ride again!  

Beach Avenue Financial decided enough is enough.  There had to be a way to allow for a marginal, global, online driven, instant investment and sale mechanism in a large commercial real estate fund and portfolio for the masses.  There had to be a way to harness the power and exponential growth figures of the Crypto markets, but in a controllable, stable and forecastable way. Giving investors instant access to scale up and down their stakes, cash out with minimal fees and give the peace of mind of being operated in line with the same standards as a regular SEC regulated and controlled investment company.

Bring A New Experience To Your Investment

Higher profits / no debt servicing enables BAF to invest in purchasing a greater number of properties, potentially growing much quicker than a traditional fund would expand its investment portfolio.

Beach Avenue’s Founder Rich Tuckwell-Skuda thought long and hard, and created the worlds first, and only, fully tokenized, fully tradable real estate portfolio investment ‘Cryptoken’ ‘HOTTEL’. 

Beach Avenue offers investors the ability to invest a few dollars, all the way up to a millions dollars, in our tokenized real estate fund. Every token: