Chief Financial Officer

Giorgina Ance Perez

Giorgina Ance Perez, the Head of Finance at The Anything Group, holds an MBA and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her diverse work experience has given her a global perspective and sound business judgment. She has worked in a variety of industries, from small to multinational companies, including Oil and Gas and Finance Services.

Regardless of her role, Giorgina is known for finding process enhancements and fostering collaboration between global teams. Her areas of expertise include accounting, reporting, internal and external audits, taxes, and cash management. She is driven by integrity, collaboration, and delivering results. Outside of work, Giorgina practices mindfulness and is involved in an NGO that shelters abandoned animals. These activities help her develop empathy and a problem-solving attitude, adding to her already impressive skill set.

Bring A New Experience To Your Investment

Higher profits / no debt servicing enables BAF to invest in purchasing a greater number of properties, potentially growing much quicker than a traditional fund would expand its investment portfolio.