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HOTTEL: A Tax-Efficient Investment Revolution

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In the next five years, Beach Avenue Financial (BAF) is poised to redefine the investment landscape with HOTTEL. This groundbreaking venture targets three pivotal challenges in the crypto, hotel, and senior living industries. HOTTEL’s strategic vision is set to bring about significant positive changes.

Forecasted Growth

Portfolio Expansion: BAF aims to incorporate over 230 distressed assets, valued at a staggering $6 billion or more, into its portfolio.

Capital Appreciation: The initial deployed capital is projected to surge by a minimum of 45% above inflation, reaching an impressive $7.516 billion.

Total Asset Value: The portfolio’s total value is anticipated to surpass $11.5 billion, with these assets generating an annual passive income exceeding $4.7 billion.

Long-Term Vision

Over the next 15 years, HOTTEL envisions creating a multi-billion-dollar asset fund, generating billions in income and profits for Token owners, and providing employment opportunities for tens of thousands across North America.

Tax Efficiency: A Game Changer

One of HOTTEL’s most compelling features is its tax efficiency. By being registered and based in Dubai, it benefits from a regulatory environment that not only oversees the crypto market but also offers zero taxation on the sale and profits of crypto assets. This unique advantage ensures a profitable and swift exit from HOTTEL without the hassle of protracted sale and purchase negotiations.

Moreover, the ability to transfer investments to tax-friendly jurisdictions globally sets HOTTEL apart. This streamlined process eliminates the need for extensive paperwork associated with moving substantial sums across borders, making it an attractive option for savvy investors.

Investment Highlights

Stability: Backed by tangible assets, HOTTEL offers stability in an otherwise volatile market.

Growth Potential: Anticipate massive growth in your investment.

Immediate Exit: Enjoy the flexibility of an immediate exit when needed.

Global Tax Efficiency: Benefit from tax efficiency in multiple countries, with the added advantage of tax-free status in Dubai.

Simplified Funds Transfer: Say goodbye to the headaches of moving fiat funds. HOTTEL enables seamless global transfers.

Family-Friendly: Facilitate fund transfers between family members, friends, and suppliers effortlessly.

Asset Acquisition: Leverage HOTTEL for onward asset purchases, thanks to its stability and widespread acceptance.


HOTTEL, the brainchild of Beach Avenue Financial (BAF), stands at the forefront of innovation, addressing critical challenges in the crypto, hotel, and senior living sectors. By strategically combining distressed assets, investment stability, and tax efficiency, HOTTEL presents a unique and compelling opportunity for investors seeking both immediate gains and long-term growth. Join us in this transformative journey towards a more secure and prosperous future.

Invest wisely. Invest in HOTTEL.

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