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Investing in HOTTEL: Your Ticket to a Digital Real Estate Portfolio

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Are you ready to invest in the future of real estate? HOTTEL provides you with the opportunity to be part of the first “digital commercial real estate portfolio.” 

HOTTEL is built on the ETH V2 crypto coin structure, which guarantees its future-proof nature. Investors can trade HOTTEL coins and expect to use them as a spendable currency in the future. 

The launch on Coinstore’s exchanges in Dubai on the 25th of October 2023 is a significant milestone for HOTTEL.

Like all cryptocurrency and tokens/coins, HOTTEL has preset ‘Tokenomics’ that control and manage the expenditure of the revenue generated by the sale of the tokens.

All funds from the sale of HOTTEL tokens will be used to fund the acquisition, associated deal and closing fees, and repositioning of commercial real estate assets for the fund. It is expected that repositioning costs will be around 10% of the asset’s purchase price.

Dive into the future by investing in HOTTEL ($HOTT) now available in the SPOT section of paired with USDT

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